Im Jin Qian. Currently 13 and is proud to be in sst.

Before you, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars - points of light and reason. And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty. When you were gone, when the meteor had fallen over horizon, everything went black. Nothing had changed, but my eyes were blinded by the light. I couldn't see the stars anymore. And there was no more reason for anything.

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January 2010


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Sunday, January 10, 2010

i feel that working in a group is better than working on my own as one as more minds can contribute more to it to make it better.We intereacted very well as we did everything in time. I think we should have made been clear about our roles.No i did not have any fears.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It means that we can learn in different ways other than textbooks. We should have resilience as if we give up in the middle of studies, we will waste the previous lessens we participated in.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010







Windows Live-

My favrouite online application is facebook as it can let me play games with my friends, chat with them, do quizzes and share our photos with them.

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

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It tells me what bus to take at which bus stop to get to the school.With google maps, which is taken down by sattelites, it helps me plan on example, what time should i reach the bus stop to get to school on time and more

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I had fun creating a blog as when i was searching for the blog skins, they were all so beautiful! But i chose something simple because making the blog too trendy will cause the html to be even more complicated. Now with a blog done, i can share facts and information through my blog to my friends.

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I am as excited as him when i got the sst letter because i knew sst was a great school with applied learning. I like applied learning as i know that i will get to create what i imagined or designed. I am really lucky to be in sst.

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